K9 police dog tracks down missing 3-year-old in the woods and gets him home safe — thank you

K9 police dog tracks down missing 3-year-old in the woods and gets him home safe — thank you

K9 dogs are an invaluable part of any police department. They have amazing senses that humans lack, allowing them to do important tasks like tracking down missing people.

Recently, one K9 dog named Midnight saved the day after tracking down a missing 3-year-old and getting him home safe and sound.

The DeLand Police Department, in Florida, received a call about a missing 3-year-old child, according to a Facebook release. They began a massive search, deploying all available assets and resources.

That included a K9 officer named Midnight, who soon proved to be invaluable in the case.

Midnight sniffed the boy’s blanket to pick up his scent, and began following the trail through the woods, along with his handler Corporal Clark.

Their search led them to the missing 3-year-old, who thankfully was reportedly “unharmed,” and was soon safely returned to his family. The department also gave the boy a police teddy bear.

“Good work to all teams involved! This is the outcome we hope for in these situations, a safe return!” the DeLand Police Department wrote on Facebook.

According to the post, Midnight has been with the DeLand Police Department since 2022, and is trained to search for narcotics and missing people. Many people thanked Midnight for his service and hailed him as a hero.

“I’d say he needs a big reward for this!” one person commented.

“Great job Midnight! You deserve the ball thrown all day today!”

“Great job DPD, and especially Midnight! Thank you for everything you do for our community.”

Thank you to K9 Midnight and his handler Corporal Clark for tracking down this missing 3-year-old! We’re so glad he’s home safe and sound! ❤️

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