Disabled Veteran Is Looking To Adopt A Puppy. Then A Kennel Employee Does The Unthinkable

When a man was wearing his Operation Iraqi Freedom hat in public, a woman noticed it and inquired. She realized that he was a service member and then decided to do him a favor out of respect. The man was picking up his puppy at the time and what the employee of S.O.S. Kennels did inspired people from all over the Internet.

She showed many people that there still is support and respect out there for the brave men and women serving in our military, even during times when it doesn’t feel that way.

Just wait until you hear this heartwarming story!

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“I had this gentleman come by, today, to pick his puppy out. I noticed his hat right away. After he picked his pup, I asked him, directly, if he was over “there.” After listening to him tell me about his experience with an IED and the stroke it caused him, at 25 years old, he told me he’d be by in a few weeks to pick the pup up and he’d bring the rest of the money. My response…?….? “You don’t owe me anything!” I do believe he’s paid enough already. Much respect to him and all who have served or are currently serving, from all of us at SOS Kennels. There’s not enough thanks!”

S.O.S. Kennels first posted the story on Facebook on July 21. They wanted to show this veteran their appreciation of his hard work and service to the country. After all, he made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, so giving him a dog was a small gesture in return. Since posting on the platform, the post has gone viral with hundreds of thousands of people chiming in to offer their support and encouragement.

One user, Julie Sears, identified herself as the woman photographed in the photo above. Her brother is the veteran who received the dog.

Hearing these words brought tears to my eyes. After all the trauma her brother went through, he would still serve our country. That’s inspiring; I feel blessed to be a citizen of this amazing country!

[Source: Facebook – Love What Matters]

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