Adorable! Made me Smile and Tear Up!

I have watched this video so many times and still don't get enough of it! This video is absolutely adorable and heart warming!

It's just a simple video of an adorable toddler boy walking his buddy dog, but wait, he had to stop for an important task – jumping, hopping, running over a puddle. A simple activity all kids enjoy doing outdoors!

I love how in the video the adorable toddler boy and the dog had eye contact after the toddler boy gently placed the lease on the ground, as if he was saying to the dog,

“I have to do something really important, wait and don't go okay?” Then turns around to make sure the dog doesn't move… truly heart-melting!

Best friends wait for each other when they have important business to handle LOL! The joy of having your best pal wait patiently while you run through a puddle is totally priceless!

This made me smile and tear up at the same time!  Dog is always human's best friend!  This video is just simply and purely beautiful! It will make your day, I promise!

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