[Video] Labradoodle Puppies First Ever Swim Will Make Your Day

Some days, you just need to see a cute video because everything else is making you mad or sad.

On those days, the show Too Cute is the perfect solution. It is full of kittens and puppies! You’re basically going to say “that’s so cute” or “aww” every other minute, and it is so worth it.

On this episode of the Animal Planet show, a group of labradoodle puppies are featured as they prepare for their first time swimming!

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The puppies are just 5 weeks old, so they’re still small. However, they are big enough to navigate in the water on their own, with just a bit of supervision.

Rocky is the first one of his siblings to test out the kiddie pool, and he’s an instant pro! There’s a very clear reason why they call it the doggy paddle, and Rocky proves that.

His other brothers and sisters all get a turn, but the last to get in is Stanley. At first, it seems as though Stanley can’t swim. But even this little guy manages to move those paws and get going!

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This is definitely the kind of video that you need to watch if you are feeling down. How can you not smile when looking at those wrinkly puppy faces?

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