Labrador Father Teaches Puppies To Swim

Labrador Father Teaches Puppies To Swim

A dedicated Labrador father took it upon himself to teach his cherished little pups how to swim, and judging by the results, it was a wildly successful first lesson!

The puppies follow him wherever he goes, and they follow him into the water. Then he takes them for a walk around the lovely countryside and dry off a little before attempting to test out their swimming skills.

We all know the old adage that “dog is man’s best friend,” but wouldn’t you say that dogs are even more? They have become more than just a pet; they are our closest companions, our “fur babies,” and the most loyal of them all.

These 25 pups with their dads prove that the bond between a dog and its human dad is one that will last until the end of time!

1. These two are so in sync that they’re already matching.

boy with pet

2. The world may be zooming by, but this father and fur son are frozen in time together.

mans best friend

3. Just look at the chin whiskers on both of these fellas.

dog on beard

4. No, dad doesn’t have a favorite!

man and dog hugging

5. The wrinkles on dad and pup show how happy they are to have each other.

dog touching noses man

6. How could this dog NOT smile when he has his dad to carry him around once he’s tired on their walk?

young man and dog

7. Love defies age, and there is nothing like getting spoiled by grandpa!

dog and grandfather

8. “You give me a stick in the park, and I give you kisses in return.”

dog with man in sunglasses

9. There is nothing better than a good cuddle with dad on the kitchen floor after a long, hard day.

man hugging dog

10. The dog and dad that enjoy the outdoors together live the best life.

man with white dog

11. “Is this our father-dog dance?”

dog dancing with man

12. Sometimes you just need a bit of support from your dad.

dog hugged by man

13. When dad squishes your face, you know that you are getting the best lovings.

hipster and dog

14. “I give the sniffs and licks. He gives the face scrunchies. It’s what we do.”

guy with dog

15. This pup couldn’t be happier to get carried around the neighborhood by his dad.

golden labrador

16. “Dad loves to snuggle into my floof. I keep him warm and he keeps me loved.”

man hugging fluffy dog

17. They say that you learn the best life lessons from your dad – like how to read. Except I think he forgot I’m a dog.”

dog reading book

18. “I am smol doggo. I get the baby cradles. Dada wuffs me.”

bearded man and dog

19. This dad knows that the way to his dog’s heart — like his — is through his stomach.

dog and man in sunlight

20. Nose-to-nose, these two are quite the adorable duo.

happy young man and dog

21. “DAAADDDD stoopppp, put me down! You’re embarrassing me!”

young man holding dog

22. Morning cuddles between dad and dog are the comfiest.

23. “Whatchu looking at? My dad gives me kisses and I give the cuddles.”

man kissing dog

24. “Wow, it’s really high up here. I knew you were tall but it’s a whole new world up here, Dad!”

man holding dog

25. This doggo and his new dad are getting some quality bonding time, just like we all need.

happy man and dog

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