Labrador Pup Won’t Eat Without Their Prayer Routine

There are some things that all puppies have in common. They eat, sleep, play, and go potty. Kahlua, the Labrador Retriever puppy, is a bit different than most little dogs her age. Before each meal, her dad taught her an extraordinary routine.

Some puppies have no self-control when it comes to meals. They are learning manners and to be patient, after all. Kahlua not only watches her dad pour her food and waits patiently, but then she engages in the most adorable behavior.

Her dad says aloud, “Let’s pray.” In a split second, Kahlua joins her dad in prayer! The cute pup lays down, closes her eyes, and actually seems to listen as her dad recites a pre-dinner prayer.

Once the prayer is done, her dad says “Amen,” and Kahula gets up to eat. We can’t even handle how charming this entire video is, so you must see it for yourself.

Press play below and watch this mannerly puppy in action.

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