Labrador retriever fights off an alligator to save her duck best friends

Labrador retrievers are dogs that have long been prized by duck hunters — the “retriever” in their breed name comes from their ability to fetch the game shot by their owners.


But while Labrador retrievers and ducks seem fated to be enemies, sometimes unlikely friendships form between the species — like one loyal dog, who not only doesn’t want to harm her waterfowl friends, but actually risked her life to save them from an alligator.

Beauty, a black lab from Panama City Beach, Florida, has a sweet and unusual friendship with some local ducks named Cress, Downey and Dot.

“She is just super sweet to them, it’s not like you would think with a duck and dog,” Misti Roberts, Beauty’s owner, told WJHG.


And Beauty showed just how much these ducks mean to her recently, after she faced an alligator to protect them.

According to WJHG, Beauty was visiting the ducks at Lake Powell, and saw that they were being followed by a hungry, 8-to-10-foot alligator.

To keep them from being the gator’s dinner, Beauty stepped in and tried to scare it off — but the alligator attacked Beauty, leaving her seriously hurt.


Misti recalls that there was “blood everywhere” after the attack, and rushed the dog to the vet for treatment.

“She was unstable and in shock, she had multiple soft tissue wounds and an obvious leg issue,” Dr. Gerrie Barr of VetsPets told WJHG.

Beauty suffered from a broken femur and had to undergo surgery. She will be in recovery for about six to eight weeks.

However, it was all worth it to save her best friends. Beauty was hailed as a hero for selflessly stepping in to save the birds.

“They are her buddies, there is no question about that,” Dr. Barr said. “Give her credit for saving their lives.”

Good girl, Beauty! Thank you for stepping up to save these ducks from an alligator. We hope you heal up quickly and can be reunited with your friends soon!

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