Labrador Retriever Refuses To Leave Side Of Baby Calf He Rescued

This is a wonderful story of a dog who came to the rescue of a freezing calf!

A yellow Labrador Retriever named Bosko found a shivering calf in danger of dying of exposure on his owner’s ranch. When the freezing calf was taken indoors to be looked after, Bosko refused to leave the baby’s side.

Reddit / Oakenboken

Reddit user Oakenboken shared the heartwarming story and posted photos of Bosko and the calf they named Zeke.

“His mother was too weak to care for him, and the cold and wet had nearly taken him. His nose was frozen stiff and his eyes looked dead, but he was breathing.. if barely,” Oakenboken said of Zeke.

Oakenboken’s mother and grandmother took the calf into their home and wrapped him in blankets, placed him on heating pads and administered antibiotics to try and save his life. After four hours, the baby calf began to move and his breathing became more regular. Bosko stood on watch the entire time.

In the evening they added more blankets, some stuffed animals and a heater to the calf’s bedding. Bosko was reluctant to come inside, but his brother, Duke took the night shift.

By day three, the calf was up and about and eating without problems. After a few weeks, he was able to join the other cows. And six months later, he had fully recovered!

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