Landseer Newfoundland Puppy Gets An Upgrade

While cats are all about boxes, this adorable dog, Dethan, (a landseer newfoundland puppy) is all about his water bowl!

Figuring out new things can be tough, especially if you are an adorable fluffy puppy. When this little guy got a new bowl, he struggled with deciding if it was a water source or a swimming pool.

He looks a tiny bit confused about his new and upgraded, bigger water bowl. His reaction is almost too cute for words though… He is so silly and adorable!!!

Maybe he was a penguin in a previous life, or an orca… lol. He's going to have to upgrade to a baby/kiddie pool pretty soon! Too too cute!!!

Check out this cute little pup's reaction to his upgraded, bigger water bowl and his most adorable facial expression below! …and SHARE this with your friends and family to spread a smile! 🙂

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