Dog Masters The Most Difficult Dance Routine, His Breathtaking Stunts Steal The Show

‘The Heelwork To Music’ competition on Crufts is one of the best places to experience some of the most inspiring and budding canine talents.

Levi, a Border Collie, is one such dog, who stole the show with his sheer mastery of the Riverdance routine.

Source: Crufts/YouTube

Levi’s handlers, couple Mary Ray and Richard Curtis, are highly esteemed trainers known for their complicated dance routines.

For this performance, they are seen dressed up in Riverdance attire as they enter the arena, with Levi following them with all his grace.

As the couple taps away to the rhythmic music, Levi precisely prances around with razor-sharp accuracy. The agile and alert pooch is on his feet every second.

He makes no mistakes, as he skips around knowing exactly when to spin, walk backward, swirl or do a special paw-move!

Source: Crufts/YouTube

Levi enthralls the audience with top-class stunts one after the other, and they can’t help but cheer on wildly at this breathtaking display of Riverdance aesthetics!

The best part is he seems to be enjoying every second of it. We have to admit, Levi has us spellbound!

Click the video below to watch Levi win over the crowd with his spectacular performance!

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