This Line Of Sleeping Pug Puppies Will Completely Mesmerize You

In general, puppies need more sleep than fully grown dogs, especially because of the amount of brain development that occurs during sleep.

But puppies are often bursting with energy and life. They can be reluctant to sleep when they need to, especially the curious ones.

They maybe eager to explore, or too enamored with all of the sights, sounds and smells of the world around them.

…but doesn't seem like it's an issue for these adorable line of sleepy newborn pug puppies!

These six adorably tiny pug puppies are blissfully napping on their backs… all twitching as they enjoy their naps.

Check out the cutest line of sleeping pug puppies on the next page! And don’t miss the cutie on the far left who sticks out his tongue while sleeping!

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