Little Girl And Doggy Get So Excited When Daddy Comes Home From Work

Little Girl And Doggy Get So Excited When Daddy Comes Home From Work

This adorable girl greets her daddy every time he comes home from work with the biggest smile on her face and the best hugs in the world! The dog is just as excited!

Why Do Dogs Greet You When You Come Home?

The most common explanation is that dogs are happy to see their humans come home. They may also be seeking attention, hoping for a pet or a scratch behind the ears.

Some people believe that dogs can smell the human’s pheromones and this is what causes them to greet people when they come home.

Dogs greet people when they come home because they’re excited to see their humans and they want to show how much they’ve missed them.

Dogs also use friendly body language, like wagging their tails and panting, to show that they’re happy to see you.

dog greets woman

Why Does My Dog Pick Something Up To Greet Me?

When a dog greets a person, it often picks up something and carries it around in its mouth. This is known as “object play” and is thought to be a way for dogs to mentally explore their environment.

Dogs are scavengers by nature and have evolved to explore their surroundings by investigating anything that looks or smells interesting.

So when your dog picks up something to greet you, it’s basically doing what comes naturally to it – exploring its environment.

Dogs in the wild often urinate on their territory to stake their claim. Domesticated dogs continue this behavior because they are scent-marking you as their property.

When your dog picks something up and greets you with it, he is essentially saying, “I’ve claimed this territory (you) and everything in it as mine.” It’s his way of showing you that he trusts and loves you.

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Why Do Dogs Greet You At The Door?

Dogs greet you at the door because they see you as a leader. They may also see you as a friend, but your role as leader is ultimately more important to them.

Dogs have an innate tendency to follow a strong dominant leader, and that’s why they often look to their human owners for cues on how to behave. So when your dog greets you at the door, it’s actually showing respect for your position of authority.

lady pets dog

Dogs greet you at the door because they love you and want to make sure you’re safe.

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell, and they can tell from the scent of your skin who’s been in your house recently.

They also know how you smell when you’re happy, sad, angry, or scared. So when they see you at the door, they’re able to gauge your emotional state and make sure that you’re okay. They’re also happy to see you and want to give you a big hug!

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