Lost Dog Sneaks Onto School Bus And Driver Has No Idea, Goes To Junior High

A new student hopped aboard a school bus in Vancouver, Washington, recently. While that might sound like something that happens every day across the globe, this story is unique because the new student is not who you’d expect. The student also did not let anyone know she was on board. This new student is an adorable Bull Terrier.

Source: Oregon Live

That’s right, this dog obviously wanted to be ‘teacher’s pet’ and join in the morning commute to school with a group of kids. It wasn’t until about halfway through the ride that the driver noticed the sneaky little stowaway.

Source: Oregon Live

The driver decided she would wait until the bus was at the school to check it out. Once they got there, however, the dog wiggled out of the arms of one of the kids who tried to carry her off. She ran all over the schoolyard just like most kids do. Finally, the school janitor was able to snag her and placed her in the bathroom. Animal control showed up and whisked the pooch off.

Source: Oregon Live

Thankfully, according to Oregon Live, the pooch was reunited with her worried owners. The dog broke free and bolted out the front gate.  We wonder though, if this sweet pooch thought she was taking a ride to obedience school? The dog wasn’t microchipped and she didn’t have a collar but word got out that her parents had been looking for her and they had called the police station.

This happy ending is a great reminder to always have your pets microchipped. Wearing a collar, with current information, is VERY important too!

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