Lost Dogs Take Over Cop’s Patrol Car After He Rescues Them From Traffic

Officer Brian Mcintosh had an unusual drive to work on Friday when he was driving down the 415 freeway in Sanford, Florida. He spotted two large German Shepherds walking in the middle of a very busy road. Drivers were slamming their brakes and swerving around the dogs to avoid hitting them.

Photo credit: Sanford Police Department / Facebook

Knowing it was a dangerous situation, Officer Mcintosh immediately activated his emergency lights and stopped. He rolled down his window and called to the two dogs and they both ran over to his patrol cars with their tails wagging. What happened next put a smile on his face.

Photo credit: Sanford Police Department / Facebook

The Sanford Police Department writes, “Officer Mcintosh got out of his vehicle to see if they would get in the back seat but before he could close his door he had over 200 pounds of German Shepherd in his driver’s seat refusing to get out!”

I think the two dogs were relieved and definitely ready to go home!

Photo credit: Sanford Police Department / Facebook

Luckily, both dogs, named Cujo and Gotti, had tags on. Officer Mcintosh contacted their owner and found out that the owner was already out looking for the pair. The owner was forever grateful that Officer Mcintosh kept Cujo and Gotti safe from the vehicle traffic!

Great job Officer Mcintosh!

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