Loyal Dog Is The Only One To Notice Car Fall On Neighbor And Ends Up Saving His Life

Dogs are such smart, heroic animals—they can always be counted on to save the day, even when no one else can.

In a situation straight out of Lassie, one dog raced to the rescue of a neighbor in serious trouble.

A man named Tony Dagnino was doing some work on his Mazda outside his house, when suddenly the jack stands collapsed and the car came down on top of him.

It was a serious situation: the car was crushing Tony and no one else seemed to notice: “I couldn’t catch a full breath,” Tony told WSB-TV. “I was on my side. Had I been laying on my back, I think I wouldn’t be here right now.”

Luckily, one hero did notice what had happened: a neighbor dog named Root Beer, or Rudy for short.

Rudy stood in the driveway near Tony, barking to alert the neighborhood. He got the attention of his owner, Ella Truong.

Together, the neighbors and Tony’s family were able to lift the car off of him.

“I’m just so thankful and grateful that Rudy had that instinct and was out there,” neighbor Emily Truong said. “He knew something was wrong.”

Tony, grateful to be alive, thanked Rudy and called him his new “favorite dog,” comparing him to a certain famous collie:

“It was like a Lassie moment, and I was Timmy,” Tony joked.

What a heroic dog! Thank you to Rudy for saving the day! Share this inspiring story!

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