Loyal Golden Retriever Spends Two Weeks Walking More Than 60 Miles To Find Her Owners

This beautiful story is like a real “incredible journey” and shows how much a loving and loyal dog really is. Golden retriever  Ping An lived in Qidong, Jiangsu Province, China with her beloved family and enjoyed every minute. But one day her family told her she would live elsewhere for some time.

Ping An’s family had to make repairs to their house and were due to leave Ping An to live with her friends to keep safe while the work is going on. They loaded sweet gold into the car and left for the two of them. In few months to a friend’s house. There, Ping An will be safe, healthy and cared for, and will be able to return to her home in a few months.

Her family said goodbye to their beloved girl and went home to start the repairs.

Ping An received all the love and care she needed in her new makeshift home. But nevertheless, she could not help but feel a great sense of homelessness. She misses her family so much and can’t stop thinking about them. Eventually, after four long months, she couldn’t stand it any longer, so she left.

Friends of the family, of course, were upset to learn that Ping An was gone. They were worried about her safety and thought she might get lost somewhere. They couldn’t have imagined Ping An actually going home.

For over two weeks, Ping An walked, walked, and walked. There was only one thought in her mind. It was that she had to return to her family. Nothing could stop her, and in the end,Ping An ran 100 kilometers.

At this point, the pretty girl was dragging and bleeding, severely malnourished and completely exhausted. She really wanted to keep walking, but fortunately she was saved by the lovely people who tracked the owner. After that, Ping An was taken to a veterinarian and fortunately she was fully recovered.

Surprised by her dedication and loyalty, her family promised not to send her again. Obviously, nothing was more important to Ping An than the family, and she proved how far she would go to find them.

We are very happy that Ping Ann was fine and reunited with her family. And she knows that her family must feel really blessed to be so loved by such a wonderful dog.

Watch Ping An snuggle up to Dad with this heartwarming clip.

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