Pit Bull Watches ‘The Lion King’ For The First Time, Cries During Mufasa’s Death

For many of us, the death of King Mufasa in ‘The Lion King’ remains one of the most powerful and impactful moments in cinematic history. The devastating scene always makes us shed a tear, and this video is proof that it has a similar effect on dogs as well.

Source: Facebook/Josh Myers

In this video shared by Josh Myers of Tennessee, we see a 4-month-old Pit Bull puppy called Luna, watching ‘The Lion King’ while playing with her toys. But when Mufasa’s death sequence begins, Luna’s eyes are instantly glued to the screen.

As the scene unfolds in front of Luna’s eyes, we see her devastated at the death of the beloved Mufasa. With full awareness of what’s going on, the emotional Luna breaks down in sad whimpers, and we genuinely cannot handle her heartbreaking reaction.

Source: Facebook/Josh Myers

This video has gone viral over the past few days, as people are melting over the empathetic reaction of Luna. We request John to give Luna an extra comforting hug from us!

Check out the video below to watch Luna’s heart-breaking cries at the emotional scene!

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