Dog Stolen From Fenced Yard In Broad Daylight, Heartbroken Dad Offers Reward

Authorities in Dallas have alerted pet owners about the spike in pet thefts over the past few months.

The latest victim in this string of thefts is Maddie, a 2-year-old blue brindle French Bulldog, who was stolen from her heavily-fenced backyard in broad daylight.

Source: Taylor Hood/Facebook

Dad Ben Guilherme has been completely shattered after the incident. He says that Maddie was playing in the backyard like usual on the day she was stolen.

Ben was gone for barely 10 minutes when the thief scaled the huge fence to snatch away the tiny pooch.

Maddie’s doggie siblings are significantly distressed following her theft. Ben and his partner have been frantically searching for Maddie.

They are offering a reward for the safe return of their beloved dog. Meanwhile, the cops investigating the case have revealed that this is the third French Bulldog to be stolen within a span of 1 month.

Source: Taylor Hood/Facebook | WFAA/YouTube

As most pet thieves target special breeds for making a quick buck, cops recommend the public to keep an eye out for such puppies being sold on the sly. They’ve also asked people to never leave their pets unattended.

If you have any information on Maddie, you can call 760-514-5952, 951-258-6585 or 469-509-1903. Let’s spread the word and help the heartbroken dad find his beloved dog!

Click the video below to watch a report on Maddie’s well-planned theft.

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