Man jumps into lake to save drowning dog: “My instincts kicked in”

Man jumps into lake to save drowning dog: “My instincts kicked in”

It’s always inspiring when everyday people go out of their way to save dogs in need. Recently, one man jumped into a lake to save a drowning dog, who is now searching for a new home.

Tony Styles, a member of a Cleveland Clinic security unit, got word that a dog was drowning in the nearby waters of Lake Erie.

According to FOX 8, the dog had been treading water for an hour near the helicopter pad of the Cleveland Clinic’s Euclid Hospital.

Styles, who has tactical training from his service in the military, knew he had to act fast to save the dog’s life. He jumped into the lake, navigating the rough waters to reach the dog.

“My instincts kind of kicked in. I didn’t want to wait too long because water is pretty dangerous,” Styles told FOX 8. “By the time I got there, she had started to sink a little bit. I rushed in, grabbed her and pulled her back out.”

“I hear a dog is drowning over by the helicopter pad,” Tony Styles received that call from a fellow member of his Cleveland Clinic security unit and knew he had to act.

After reaching the dog just in time, members of the Euclid Fire Department pulled them out of the water.

The rescued dog, apparently a stray, was taken in by Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. She was named “Marina,” in reference to her watery rescue.

According to her adoption page, she is believed to be four years old and an American Pit Bull Terrier mix. After surviving this ordeal, she is now looking for a forever home: if you are interested in adopting you can reach out to Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.

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Thank you to Tony Styles for jumping in to save this drowning dog! We hope Marina finds a great home soon!

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