Man Who Will Do Anything For His Pets Turns House Into A Giant Playland For His 15 Rescues

We all know animal lovers will do anything for their pets, but there are some people who even go above and beyond that in creative ways.

And for homebuilder Peter Cohen, his idea was to turn his entire house into the ultimate playland for his 15 rescues!


His California home is now a funhouse and heaven-on-earth for his cats! It’s full of elaborate catwalks, tunnels, platforms, and perches.

It’s safe to say Peter’s rescues will never get bored! The kitties are provided with all of the physical and mental stimulation they could ever ask for.


As pet owners, you can’t help but love seeing someone put so much of their energy and time into making sure their pets are happy by giving them everything they could possibly want and more!

If only there were more people like Peter Cohen in the world.

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