Manatee Pops Up To Say Hi- Paddleboarder Grabs Camera & Films Adorable Exchange

Sometimes called the “cow of the sea”, the friendly manatee might also be labeled the “clown of the sea.”

One look at the antics of the slow-moving marine mammal and his encounter with a paddleboarder will convince you, too.

Celine Chasteen was out on her paddleboard with friends having a fun day in the waters of Jupiter, Florida. All of a sudden, the cutest manatee popped his head out of the water.

Source: VVidCentral/YouTube

He put his adorable flippers on Celine’s paddleboard and even seemed to be waving hello to her and her friends!

The outgoing personality of these sea cows makes this moment perfect for sharing on social media, which Celine did.

This roly-poly mammal wasn’t causing anyone harm, and he sure provided a lot of laughs and memories that day.

Source: VVidCentral/YouTube

According to, “Manatees go to the surface of the water every three to five minutes to breathe although they can remain underwater longer.”

Since it is advised never to touch, harass, or follow the creatures, Celine and her friends did the right thing in how they reacted.

Watch this sweet video of the manatee below.

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