Dog’s Tail Is Finally In His Mouth And He Doesn’t Know What To Do Next

When severe weather trapped a dog and his mom at home in Jackson, Mississippi, they had to find something to keep themselves occupied.

Max and his dog mom patiently waited out the storms and power outages, but they had to get creative in order to keep themselves entertained. Luckily, Max found the most hilarious way to pass the time.

Source: omw2innisfree / Twitter

He was chasing his tail with great enthusiasm as his family watched. Round and round he went, never getting any closer to his tail (as the game usually goes).

But then, something amazing happened — he caught it!

Source: omw2innisfree / Twitter

Upon achieving his doggy goal, Max wasn’t sure what to do with himself; somehow, he seemingly did the impossible!

The moment Max reacts to his success is too hilarious to accurately describe. His mom even lost it as she was filming her pup wander off (in a very confused manner).

No matter what silliness or mischief dogs get into, they certainly know how to make our lives so much better!

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