Mom Realizes Baby Is About To Release A Loud Fart, But She Doesn’t Warn Her Dog

Max the dog loves spending time with his human sibling, Hollis. The pair can always be found lounging together on the couch, where baby Hollis adorably uses Max like his pillow.

But the strength of their bond was hilariously tested when Hollis started having potty troubles!

Source: Laughing Koi Fish Enterprise/Youtube

In this video, we see Hollis and Max hanging out together on the couch like usual. Max is dozing off blissfully when Mom casually walks into the room.

Mom is immediately touched to see the beautiful friendship between her two babies. But just then, she spots baby Hollis making his familiar “poo-poo” face.

Source: Laughing Koi Fish Enterprise/Youtube

Mom encourages Hollis to “get it out”, and she shifts her attention toward cuddling with Max. Soon, the baby’s face becomes strained and red.

Before we know it, baby Hollis lets out a thunderously loud series of farts just before pooping!

Poor Max awakens after being startled by the “scary” sounds, and he sits up to “investigate” the source.

Source: Laughing Koi Fish Enterprise/Youtube

It doesn’t take long for Max to realize that Hollis has pooped. He sniffs at the baby, and instantly bolts off the couch like his life depends on it!

Watch this video with your volumes up, it’s a complete laugh riot!

Click the video below to watch Max’s hilarious reaction upon listening to his brother’s farts!

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