Unwanted Dog Who Loves People Hangs Head In Sadness For Over 400 Days In Shelter

Every day for more than a year, Max watched as dogs were adopted and found their forever homes. He watched as dogs were sprung from their kennels with tails wagging, as they headed for a new life with a forever family.

Sadly, finding a new home with someone to love him didn’t seem to be in Max’s cards. For over a year, Max lived in a shelter in upstate New York.

“The thing is we all had a special bond with Max,” Stacie Haynes of Susquehanna SPCA shared. “You know, it was sort of a no-brainer.”

Source: WGN News/YouTube

Max loves people so much, so Stacie says it had to be devastating to see people look at him and walk away every single day for over a year.

Finally, the staff at the shelter came up with an idea to try and get Max a forever home. Stacie lived in Max’s kennel for 24 hours, and in the meantime, Max took over Stacy’s office.

They put a cute tie on Max, and he looked so posh and official sitting on the Dex with his very own nameplate.

The stunt was shared online, and thankfully someone stepped up and decided to adopt Max! A man named Ed opened his heart and his home to Max.

These days, Max loves taking long walks, curling up with his dad, and playing in a nearby lake. He will no longer live in a cage with cold concrete walls, as he is finally free.

Source: WGN News/YouTube

To learn more about Max and how you can adopt a shelter dog of your own, press play on the video below.

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