Meg the Yellow Lab Becomes Friends with a Baby Bunny

Meg the Yellow Lab Becomes Friends with a Baby Bunny

Today my dad took me out for a walk in the open space near my house. It’s so fun up here! There are big trees to pee on, squirrels to chase, and other dogs to bark at.

It’s basically my idea of paradise and I love every single second of it. Anyway, I was rolling around on the grass today just living my best life when all of a sudden this little creature came right up to me!

At first glance I thought it was a squirrel, so I instantly went into pounce and play mode. Then I noticed it was much smaller and more round and floofy than a squirrel! Is that… is that a little baby bun? It is a baby bun!

Where is your mom, little hopper? Are you lost buddy? No? Okay, time to play then!

Boop! I gave the bunny a kiss on her little snoot. For a bunny, she isn’t very hoppy (Maybe she’s sad? Ha!). She just keeps sitting there! Why won’t you move, bun?

Maybe she doesn’t know how to hop around. I guess it’s on me to teach her how to. I’m fine with that because I’m a good teacher. I even taught the cat to climb on the counters so she would get in trouble and take the attention off of me.

Okay bunny, you just use your back crawlers and hop! Just like that, hop! I don’t think she understands this concept. How else can I teach her? This is why she needs her mom here. I’m not a bunny. I can’t teach these things.

I guess I’ll keep trying until her mom gets here. I sure am tired though, so it might be time for a little rest. I’ll keep watching her jump technique and give her pointers from over here in the shade.

She’s really getting the hang of hopping. I wonder if she knows what to stay away from around these parts? Little bunnies like that are easy targets for different animals.

My dad told me about how hawks, owls, and coyotes will all snack on a cute bunny, so I’m going to let her know. I want to make sure she stays as safe as possible so she can hop around for years to come…

Well, it’s getting late. I need to wrap up my hopping lesson and help this little bun find her mother. Dad says I can’t take her home, so if she’s going to stay out here in the wild she needs to be left with someone who can finish up the hopping lesson!

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