Dog Loves New Puppy So Much, He Starts Stealing Treats From The Pantry For Him

Milo the Great Dane has been over the moon ever since Mom brought home a puppy named Russell. Milo is not just protective and loving toward his puppy brother, but also wants Russell to have a blast in his new home.

In other words, Milo wants to party hard with Russell and he doesn’t mind bending the house rules while doing so!

Source: BVIRAL/YouTube

These days, Milo has started breaking into the pantry just to steal extra snacks for him and Russell!

He has always known that the pantry is off limits and that unhealthy snacking is frowned upon, but he doesn’t care anymore. He ransacks the pantry whenever Mom is preoccupied and has zero remorse for his actions!

Source: BVIRAL/YouTube

In this adorable clip, Mom catches Milo red-handed right while he is picking out his favorite junk snack!

It’s awesome to watch him cleverly use his huge physique to scan the pantry and grab the packet he wants. But despite being busted, he brazenly ignores Mom and storms off to share the snack with Russell!

Source: BVIRAL/YouTube

There’s no doubt that Milo’s newfound love for petty thievery is just to impress his little buddy! Once Mom snatches back the snack, we realize just how food-obsessed Russell is!

With the snack gone, Russell quickly leaves Milo’s side and dashes off to chomp down Milo’s lunch from his food bowl! Poor Milo! We wonder if these pantry heists have been Russell’s plan all along!

Click the video below to watch Milo boldly sneaking away the snack in broad daylight and keep that volume up!

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