A Dog Had A Litter Of Puppies, But The Neighborhood Cat Stole Them All

Ryan and Missy Grant’s cat, Miss Kitty, gave birth to her kittens under a trailer. But the kittens looked very unhealthy and didn’t survive for long. Miss Kitty was devastated and was looking for a way to fill the void left in her life.

Coincidently, the Grants had a dog named Smoochie who had also just given birth to a litter of puppies. For some strange reason though, Smoochie seemed least interested in her puppies. She wouldn’t even feed them.

When Miss Kitty heard the hungry puppies whining, she decided fate had given her a second chance to be a mother. She began ‘stealing’ the puppies one by one and taking them back to her place under the trailer.

The Grants came home that day to find 5 of the puppies missing. Their neighbor came up to them and told them she saw Miss Kitty taking the puppies and had followed the cat back to the trailer. Sure enough, they found Miss Kitty with the puppies under the trailer.

They were surprised at first, but the Grants put the cat and the puppies in a more comfortable place. To their surprise, Miss Kitty started nursing the puppies. This kind of interspecies nursing is a rare, special sight to see. The Grants felt so blessed, they felt they had to share it with the world.

They got the local news channels involved and the story went viral. The biggest concern Miss Kitty’s vet had was that the cat wouldn’t be able to produce enough milk for the puppies. So they forced Smoochie to nurse her puppies too.

With the help of the news coverage, they also managed to get a couple of stray kittens and handed them over to Miss Kitty, who was more than happy to take care of them too.

A mother’s love sees no difference between species, as proved by Miss Kitty’s undeniable love for these puppies. Click the video below to watch this amazing story.

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