Heartbroken Dog Hasn’t Seen Dad In 2 Months But Doesn’t Know He’s About To Walk In

Reunions between dogs and their parents make for some of the best videos. Watching dogs get excited to see their mom or dad returning after being away for a while is one of the purest outbursts of emotions there is.

Michael Tully had been away for work for a good two months. Back home, his dog – Miss Poppy – waited patiently every day for his return. Finally, two months later, Miss Poppy’s mommy says something to her she thought she’d never hear.

“I have a surprise for you,” says Miss Poppy’s mom. “There’s someone who wants to see you!”

Miss Poppy immediately knows what she’s talking about. Her ears perk up and her eyes automatically zoom in on the door. Within seconds, Miss Poppy’s wishes come true! Her dad was back!

Miss Poppy jumps from her bed and rushes to her dad. Since she isn’t very tall and can’t jump into his arms, she begins frantically circling him and let’s out some whiny barks. It sounds to us like Miss Poppy is scolding Michael for being away for so long and forgetting about her. How adorable!

All the barking makes her tired and she goes back to her bed. But she still keeps yipping even in her bed. We’re just glad she didn’t pass out from all the excitement!

Click on the video below to watch Miss Poppy’s excited reunion with her dad.

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