Footage Shows Mountain Lion Attacking Doberman And Grabbing Him By The Neck


A family from Tujunga, California, has shared the incredibly scary footage of a mountain lion attacking their Doberman.

The mountain lion crept into their front yard at 4 AM, and went straight for the Doberman who was leashed in a corner.

The poor dog was completely caught off-guard, and had no way to defend himself.

Source: Vic Bekyan/Youtube

In this footage, we see the Doberman getting brutally overpowered by the mountain lion within a matter of seconds.

The leash restricts the dog’s movements and heavily compromises his ability to fight away the mountain lion.

As the dog’s blood starts dripping onto the ground, the mountain lion subdues the dog beneath him and locks his neck with his teeth.

Source: Vic Bekyan/Youtube

For several minutes, the dog stays motionless as the mountain lion refuses to let go of his neck. Finally, the predator thinks that the dog is dead, and loosens his hold on the canine.

But the dog gets back on his paws again and keeps barking until the startled mountain lion gets spooked and runs away.

Source: Vic Bekyan/Youtube

The family later found their Doberman with several bites and tears. He was rushed to the hospital, where he received 60 stitches for his wounds.

The vets say that the dog’s life was spared because of his collar that watered down the intensity of the mountain lion’s near-fatal attack on his neck. What a close call!

Click the video below to watch how the persevering Doberman survived the vicious mountain lion attack!

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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