Sick Dog Was About To Be Euthanized Until He Wagged His Tail Moments Before Injection

This dog may look very different from other dogs, but he doesn’t know it. Murray the Weimaraner is just as happy and playful as other pups, but he traveled a very rocky road to get there.

Murray was born in Puerto Rico and was dumped and left for dead at ‘Dead Dog Beach,’ an area on the coast where hundreds of animals are dumped and left to die each year.


Sadly, he wasn’t well-taken care of and wound up getting distemper, a viral disease that destroys the nervous and respiratory systems of the dogs who contract it. The distemper caused him to become toothless, which left his tongue hanging out of his mouth. His head also became disfigured. He may have looked like he was dying, but he was still very much alive.


Luckily, Murray was rescued off Dead Dog Beach by The SATO Project and brought to a vet for a medical exam. A vet thought it would be best to euthanize Murray, but when Murray started wagging his tail moments before the injection, the vet decided to give him a second chance.


It was then time for Murray to fly to the United States for that beautiful second chance at life. Once he arrived in the states, the Gallant family adored him from the moment they first saw him. While Murray has special quirks, the Gallant family agreed that they only make him cuter and more special.


The Gallant family initially fostered Murray and then eventually welcomed him into their Massachusetts home permanently. He is now loving his new life and his new family and is so spoiled.

You can follow Murray’s adventures on his Instagram account.

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