Monster Dumps 9-Week-Old Boxer Mix With Prominent Mustache On Side Of Road

She sat all alone in a cardboard box before someone noticed the box moving on the side of the road in Arizona.

Whoever abandoned the sweet little pup made it clear through their actions that they no longer wanted her.

Sadly, a number of horrible things could have happened to the puppy, but someone found her before it was too late.

Source: Arizona Humane Society/Facebook

The folks at the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) took the puppy in and gave her a complete examination. Somehow, other than some minor hair loss, the precious furbaby had no injuries to her little body.

She did, however, have a distinguishing mark in her fur that made her stand out like a Christmas tree in a dark room. The Boxer mix sports the most adorable “mustache” marking across her upper lip.

“This adorable 9-week-old Boxer puppy, appropriately named Ms. Mustachia, was abandoned in a box before being rescued by AHS,” the rescue group shared on Facebook. “Despite the sad beginning to her story, Ms. Mustachia’s sweet ‘stache couldn’t help but cheer us up!”

Source: Arizona Humane Society/Facebook

As soon as people took one look at Ms. Mustachia, they were smitten with her appearance. Her story and photos captured the hearts of dog lovers around the globe, including a potential adoptive family from the Tempe area.

They fell head over heels in love with the pooch, filled out an adoption application, and were recently approved.

Source: Arizona Humane Society/Facebook

Her unique markings made this pup a star, but all animals in need are superstars who simply want someone to love them and provide a forever home.

Learn more about all the adoptable pets at the AHS on their official website.

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