Naughty Corgi Steals Fruit Jam When No One Looking, Gives Family Terrible Fright

A greedy Corgi gave his family a terrible fright after they found him lying on his back covered in red, sticky jam.

When the family first spotted Gody the Corgi covered in red on the floor, they thought he had been gravely injured.

But they quickly discovered he was not hurt but covered from head to toe with fruit jelly (or possibly red dragon fruit).

It appears Gody got into the fruity snack and ate it when no one was looking. He must have been quite tired from his naughty activity, because he decided to take a nap on the floor of the family’s optical shop.

He likes to nap on his back, which just added that little extra “oomph” to the horror movie scenario.

The original picture has quickly spread through social media, giving many dog lovers “mini heart attacks” until they learned the truth.

Gody looks more sleepy than sheepish over his extracurricular activities, but he sure is cute!


Some shared stories of similar experiences with their dog.

Facebook commentor Dena Barrett wrote, “I went out one evening after baking some raspberry pies. I left them way back on the back of the stove while I was out. When I came home my kitchen looked like numerous bodied had been slaughtered in my home. And my dog looked like he was the butcher.”

Erica Jay said her child caused a similar scare. “My briefly unattended 3 year old found a bottle of strawberry Hershey syrup once….ran around the kitchen island 3x and a few times around the table…gave her father and I a heart attack upon discovery, thinking she was injured somehow.”

Thankfully Gody’s family, who live in Vietnam, provided a few extra pictures to show Gody unharmed, alive and well.

There’s no word on what exact kind of jam/jelly Gody ate, but it might have actually been a fruit – red dragon fruit.

No matter what flavor, we’re hoping his family puts any other red-colored food far away so as to not give anyone a scare like that again!

Gody is the puppy of Candy the Corgi, who has her own blog and Facebook page.

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