Naughty Dog Sneakily Steals French Fries Off Plate

For thousands of years, the ancestors of dogs hunted and scrounged for food. They would quickly seize and gobble whatever they could find, for fear of losing a tasty morsel to another animal.

Today's domesticated dogs rarely have to scavenge for their meals, but the instinct is still deeply ingrained.

This often makes it difficult for dogs to keep themselves from snatching food off tables and countertops, and from young children.

And this adorable, naughty schnauzer is no exception! He sneakily steals potato chips (fries?) off of a plate.

And it's interesting how this pooch chooses to steal only one at a time! That is a polite thief, if you ask me! My dog would have the plate on the ground and chomped in seconds flat, lol.

You just can't get mad at that face though… and it shows Schnauzer superiority by only eating off a Portmerion Plate. 🙂

Check out the video on the next page for a good giggle!

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