Friendly Cat Joins Neighbor’s Dogs On Their Daily Walk

Friendly Cat Joins Neighbor’s Dogs On Their Daily Walk

A neighbor’s cat loves to join dogs Gunner and Emmie when they go for their daily walks and they couldn’t be more delighted.

Gunner and Emmie’s mom shares that Oliver the cat often hangs out in the nearby shrubs waiting for the morning walk with her pack. When he sees them he runs over to join them and this has happened every day for three years!

This heartwarming routine began when Oliver used to hang out at their front door and became “instant friends” with their dog Gunner. Since then, the cat will pop out of the bushes and run over to touch noses with Gunner and then off they go!

Oliver really enjoys his walks with the pack and that’s evident in the way his tail swings happily as they stroll through the neighborhood. But of course, being a cat, he always has to be in the lead.

When their morning walk is done, Oliver will sometimes show up on their back porch in the afternoon where he likes to sunbathe and hang out with his buddy Gunner.

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