Stubborn Newfie Throws A Tantrum, Only Listens To His Tiny Human

Samson the Newfoundland is one stubborn pup. He continues to bark at his mom, and doesn’t listen to any of her commands. It’s obvious just how stubborn he is and he isn’t showing any signs of submission to his mom.

But there is one person who Samson will listen to: his tiny human Sierra.


Sierra has grown up alongside Newfoundland dogs her whole life. She has a certain way with them and knows exactly how to talk to them. It’s like she has learned their language, and the dogs respect her.

Samson may not listen to his mom, but once little Sierra steps in, he finally obeys. He continued to bark at his mom, but once Sierra comes to the rescue and tells him to sit, he listens!


It’s clear that the two of them share a very special bond and will always be the best of friends as they continue to grow up alongside each other.

Not only does Samson have a little human to love and receive unconditional love from, but Sierra has a furry sibling who will teach her about responsibility.

Watch Samson’s stubborn tantrum in the video below:

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