12 Dogs With Their New Non-Dog Friends

These 12 dogs just made some new friends and didn’t even realize they aren’t canines. We have no doubt these friendships will work out, though. Dogs are the friendliest animals on the planet after all! 🙂

1) Bringing a new friend over for dinner

2) Hanging out with mama cat and her family

3) Best buds forever

4) “Hello mister wabbit, I’m doggo.”

5) That one friend who just wants to stay inside

6) “Just one more show, please!”

7) “What kind of dogs are these?”

8) Polar bear and Husky besties

9) This one’s pretty happy with his new friend!

10) So THAT’S why they chase squirrels! 😉

11) “Can we bring him home?”

12) “These are some BIG dogs!”

They aren’t just man’s best friend, they are the animal kingdom’s best friend. 🙂

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