Cat Takes To Entertainment Stand For Comfy Naps, And She’s Hard To Spot

Kate Hinds adopted Norah when she came across the little cat while volunteering at an animal rescue group. And like most cats, Norah likes to fit in the tiniest of spots to hide and take naps.

She can be hard to find, even for her mom! But her spot in the entertainment stand has since become known as her “summer home,” so now Kate knows where to look. 😀

Kate Hinds

If you don’t know where to look, Norah is tough to spot.

“Today in find the cat”

Kate Hinds

Did you find her amongst the TV and all of the books? If not, see the picture below for the answer!

Kate Hinds

There she is!

Pass this along and see if your friends and family can spot the cat. 🙂

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