Tiny Rat Cuddles With His Giant German Shepherd Brother Every Chance He Gets

Nuka, a black German Shepherd, may be big, but he has proven just how gentle he is.

Nuka was raised in a house full of small animals, including rats, guinea pigs, birds, rabbits, ferrets and cats.

He is an extremely relaxed pup, which makes him the perfect “nanny” for these little animals.


When he was a puppy, his mom, Nicole Yates, trained him to lie down whenever she brought a small animal into the room. Ever since then, he has enjoyed snuggling with all of them.

And despite their size difference, the little animals are never afraid of Nuka and love cuddling with him just as much as he does.

While Nuka loves all of the animals, there is one in particular who he has developed a very special bond with.


Last month, a local pet shop was in need of emergency homes for their animals due to the coronavirus lockdown, so Yates decided to adopt a gray and white rat, named Blue.

Nuka and Blue bonded immediately, and Blue acted as if Nuka was his mom. Whenever Yates put Blue on the ground, he would run and find Nuka so he could cuddle in his fur as if it were a nest.


Nuka even grooms Blue and gently licks his tiny body.

They are truly two peas in a pod!

Click here to follow Nuka and all of his adventures with Blue and the other animals.

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