Dog Wearing Lifejacket Falls Off Boat & Goes Missing In Treacherous Waters

Imagine you are out boating and enjoying a leisurely day on the water when your dog goes overboard.

That’s exactly what happened to the Oberman family when their dog, 1-year-old Goldendoodle, Roxy, fell overboard in her lifejacket.

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“Our puppy fell off our boat Saturday around noon heading north in the lake from Frankfort..we did not see her fall and were not aware of where exactly it happened..there was about a 6-mile track of where she could of went in the water,” dog mom Kim Welsh Oberman shared on Facebook.

Source: Frankfort MI Anything Goes by

With 6-foot waves on the lake and strangers helping to search for the dog, by nightfall there was no sign of Roxy.

The next morning, Lori Sarya of Jacobson Marina went into an area she called “dangerous” just to see if the dog might be around.

After walking two miles down the cluttered area, Lori saw Roxy hiding in a bush near a seawall. She was shaken up but still wearing her lifejacket.

Source: Frankfort MI Anything Goes by

“She’s a good swimmer, and she’s smart. The current was pushing her to the north and west into the shore,” Oberman stated.

“Usually when we are cruising we take the life jacket off of her because we stay down below or by the helm, but this day I hadn’t taken it off, and thank God.”


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