Officer Goes Against Orders To Kill Two Animals Then Learns Of His Punishment

Punished for saving two precious lives. Unfortunately, this is what B.C. conservation officer named Bryce Casavant experienced after he refused to euthanize two black baby bears. Apparently, the cubs wandered into someone’s backyard and the owners called the service to catch them.

The officer simply couldn’t kill perfectly healthy babies so he didn’t do as told, even though he was well aware he would suffer consequences for acting upon what he believed was the right thing to do.

Bryce was suspended without pay, and he would have accepted this as a discipline measure if it wasn’t for the animal advocates who were determined to stand by his side and fight for his rights. They, along with the help of the community, started an online petition and Bryce got his job back. His pay was reinstated.

We are very thankful to officer Bryce for doing things the right way. The sweet cubs he saved are currently placed at a rehabilitation center where they are well cared for.

A big thank you to Bryce for sticking up for these animals when no one else would. And we’re so glad justice was served in the end!

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