Savage Owner Buried His Old Dog Alive For Being Useless & He Couldn’t Escape

A cruel man decided he no longer wanted his dog because he became old and useless. Instead of trying to find him a new home, or bringing him to a shelter, he did the unthinkable.

He drove out to the woods and buried him alive. Yes, this is a disgusting thing to do but miraculously this story has a happy ending!

A rescue group in Spain received a call about the injured dog but no one could’ve prepared them for what they were about to see. The rescuers got into their vehicle and drove out to the location.

That is when they saw the dog they later name Titan. The poor old boy had his head sticking out from the ground. The rest of him had been buried beneath.

Source: Second Chance Animal Rescue/YouTube

The volunteers had seen a lot in their days but this was chilling. Who could leave a dog like this? Titan was around 12 years old.

He should’ve been living his golden years being spoiled and loved. But instead, he was cruelly abandoned in such a way that he never could have escaped on his own.

Source: Second Chance Animal Rescue/YouTube

There wasn’t time to waste! The rescuers devised a plan to get the dog out without injuring him further. This wouldn’t be easy and by the look on Titan’s face, he was petrified.

The women retrieved a blanket from their car and began to dig him out. They reassured him that he would be okay as they shifted the dirt and rocks off his body.

Source: Second Chance Animal Rescue/YouTube

It took a while, and a lot of patience, but Titan was finally freed. They rushed him to the emergency clinic. He was exhausted, dehydrated, and visibly injured.

He had a serious wound on his abdomen. The vet and his staff went to work right away. They gave Titan IV fluids and pain medication. Titan was very brave.

Source: Second Chance Animal Rescue/YouTube

The sweet dog was finally able to rest. They placed him, gently, in a kennel and watched him around the clock. Within days, Titan improved drastically.

The medical team was so pleased with his progress! They said it was okay to line up a home for him. He would be able to leave the vet clinic soon!

Source: Second Chance Animal Rescue/YouTube

Titan is now living at a senior foster home. He overcame his injuries but of course since he’s a senior, he still needs a lot of TLC.

He will spend his remaining days feeling safe and being happy. We couldn’t ask for a better ending! To see Titan’s rescue, check it out below.

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