One-eyed shelter dog was about to be euthanized — then a pilot and a woman hundreds of miles away saved his life

One-eyed shelter dog was about to be euthanized — then a pilot and a woman hundreds of miles away saved his life

All shelter dogs dream of finding a home of their own, but for some it’s a matter of life and death: at some shelters, if they’re not adopted out in time, they’re at risk of being euthanized.

That was the case recently for a rescue dog named Odin. But just when it seemed all hope was lost, a stranger hundreds of miles away stepped in to save his life.

Odin first arrived at Norman Animal Welfare, in Norman, Oklahoma, in September. According to a Facebook post from the shelter, he had an extremely swollen left eye, which had to be removed, but they said he was doing “just fine without it.”

Months passed, and no one was interested in adopting Odin. The shelter said being in the kennel for so long took a toll on him because he is so full of energy, and that he doesn’t get along well with the shelter’s other dogs “because he doesn’t seem to understand canine social cues.”

“He just goes all-in to play and then isn’t sure when the other dog is overwhelmed,” Norman Animal Shelter wrote. “With time out of the kennel and some practice, he could likely eventually do well with other dogs.”

The stakes became higher this week, when the shelter announced that, if Odin did not find a foster or adopter by the end of the day on Friday, he would be euthanized. They wrote that he was scheduled “due to behavioral deterioration and lack of adoption interest.”

Still, they pleaded that someone might come and rescue him, giving him the chance he deserves. “He loves people and just needs a chance in a home that can work with him,” they wrote, saying they would offer behavioral support and training.

Then, an inspiring offer came in: a private pilot named Parker Ferguson offered to fly Odin to an out-of-state adopter if needed. Amazingly, there was an adopter hundreds of miles away willing to take him up on the offer: Diane Baker, who lives in Atlanta.

Photos show Odin “off on the first leg of his adventure,” safe in a plane with Parker and Danielle Ferguson, off to his new home in Georgia.

Norman Animal Welfare thanked “these wonderful people” for stepping up in a huge way to save Odin’s life, as well as everyone who shared the story and helped spread the word.

It’s heartbreaking how close Odin came to being put down, but we’re so glad these people stepped up to save him at the last second in such an inspiring way! Thank you to Parker and Danielle Ferguson for the generous plane ride, and Diane Baker for adopting him!

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