Owner Put French Bulldog In Car Seat And Decided To Throw The Biggest Temper Tantrum

Dogs love to be right by our side at all times, but sometimes we have to separate from them for their own safety.

That’s exactly what happened when Bosley the French Bulldog went for a car ride with his owner. The little guy was placed in a car seat and securely fastened into it in the back seat.

Well, he started reading his owner the riot act and having a temper tantrum!

Source: Frenchies Beatrice and Bosley/Youtube

Parents of human kids can relate to those times when kids throw a fit because they don’t want to sit by themselves in the back seat.

Apparently, temper tantrums aren’t just for humans. This fur baby is not happy he has to be in a car seat and has no idea why he can’t be in the front with his owner.

Source: Frenchies Beatrice and Bosley/Youtube

The little guy squirms, tosses his head back, and lets out a bunch of yips to express his dislike of the situation. All of a sudden, a second Frenchie appears because Bosley must have woken him up!

Source: Frenchies Beatrice and Bosley/Youtube

The car seat is the best place for him, but Bosley is having no part of it.

Watch this hysterically cute video below. We hope Bosley got a toy for being a good boy and allowing his mom to keep him safe.

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