Owners Hoped For The Best And Go On Vacation, Returned & Found Dog Sitter’s Video

Pets become vulnerable whenever their parents leave them with sitters for a long period of time.

The constant absence of their family, together with seeing unfamiliar faces makes them nervous. Some often start wondering if they have been abandoned.

Source: James Liakos/YouTube

Skylar, the cute Whippet in this video, was also very emotional when her parents went on a vacation for a few days. They left her under the care of an able dog sitter named James Liakos.

But Skylar was still very worried. James sensed that Skylar was downcast, so he went out of the way to make her feel safe and loved.

In this video, we see James and Skylar’s many fun adventures. They play together, go on long walks and cuddle to their heart’s content.

In between, Skylar would still think of her “absent” parents and get upset. But James consoles her and assures her that her family would be back in no time!

Source: James Liakos/YouTube

James recorded this video to update Skylar’s family and drive away all their worries about her well-being. We will have to commend James for being such an angel to an anxious and lonely pet.

This beautiful video is a reminder to us all about why we must take our time to ensure that we are leaving our pets with the right person!

Click the video below to watch James and Skylar’s delightful dog-sitting days together!

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