She Took Out Her Camera On The Water, Inadvertently Filming An Incredible Natural Phenomenon

It’s incredible what kind of natural wonders people can stumble across on a normal day, so long as they keep their eyes open!

Jennifer Bull was paddle boarding with friends in Deception Pass, Washington, when they realized they were not alone. Their typical outing was about to become unforgettable.

They could see dark shadows moving below the surface of the water, so she took out her camera…

Source: Jennifer Bull / YouTube

Amazingly, orcas began to surface all around them! Thankfully, she was able to capture the rare moment on film.

The beautiful creatures surrounded the group, rising to the surface to take a breath and seemingly say “hello.”

Source: Jennifer Bull / YouTube

The orca pod was only visible for a few minutes, but those moments would be unforgettable for everyone that experienced them.

Source: Jennifer Bull / YouTube

Although this event might seem frightening to some, orcas rarely attack humans in the the wild. They were simply coming to the surface for air before continuing their journey.

Jennifer and her group were so lucky to experience such an incredible moment!

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