The Tiny Horse On The Left Couldn’t See Over His Stable Door. What They Did? Unbelievable!

Life isn’t easy when you’re a petite pony. Shetland pony Pedro, the newest addition to Brixton’s Ebony Horse Club, stands only 43 inches from the ground, so the horse has been struggling to see over his stable door. But, thanks to some local young people, he’s getting a new stable view.

Staff and volunteers at the equestrian club, which mentors inner-city children from the local area, have created a short video showing the creation of the “Pedroscope,” which is designed so the tiny pony will finally be able to see over his stable door and into the yard. This lovable pony, who is used to introduce children to horses, and also works with disabled children, looks so content with his new view!

Of course, the “Pedroscope” is a temporary fix, but the club is currently trying to raise the money to buy him a properly sized door. Staff are seeking donations to help create a specially built mini stable for Pedro. Although Pedro spends lots of his time out in the paddock, they would love to buy him a new miniature stable with a lower door, so he can look out and see what’s going on. Watch the video below to learn more.

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