Dog Is Supposed To Be Guarding Sheep, But His ‘Method’ Has Entire Internet In Laughter

The cutest little sheepherding pooch was caught lying down on the job – literally! The owners could not stop laughing upon learning his technique for the job.

When they popped up over the grassy green hill and spied the herd of sheep lazily lolling about, that is when they discovered what the dog was up to. He was lying on the back of a wooly sheep and began barking at the people who were clever enough to videotape this crazy dog's antics for everyone to enjoy.

The dog looks quite comfy hanging out on the sheep's back. When the sheep begin to saunter off, the dog manages to maintain his balance and enjoy the ride.

While this comical encounter between a dog and sheep unfolds on the rolling hills of Fordongianus, Italy, herds of sheep around the world are guarded by sheep dogs like collies and corgies. According to the website Petwave, herding dogs are responsible for rounding up flocks.

They do this by running around, barking incessantly and nipping at the animals' heels. The dogs also make strong eye contact with the animals to guide their direction.

Because the dogs are extremely intelligent and highly energetic, they are well suited for the task of herding. But this funny little pup must have missed the memo about being highly energetic.

However, this furry dog definitely seems to be quite smart in that it's managed to hitch a ride while herding. This pooch's antics are absolutely hilarious and he leaves us wondering just when he decides to hop off.

He seems to be quite clever by taking a load off his feet! We wonder how on earth he managed to get up on the sheep's back in the first place.

We also ponder just how he manages to maintain his balance while the sheep move about grazing. Since the footage ends as the dog and his herd of sheep stroll away, we can only imagine that the sheep dog continued to enjoy its free ride.

This guy is simply too much. How funny is he?

Watch this silly dog's sheepherding shortcut in the hilarious video below.

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