Owner Ties Immobile Dog To Sled With A Note & Dumps Him At Humane Association

If a person can no longer care for their pet, most rescue organizations would agree on one thing. They ask that you call or bring the dog into a shelter and never to abandon them.

Sadly, folks at the Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association in Cazenovia, New York found an abandoned elderly dog on their premises. What made the situation incredibly heartbreaking was the condition of the dog.

Source: Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association/Facebook

The Great Pyrenees was tied to a sled with a bucket of water and a note which read, “Over 10 years old. Can no longer walk.”

“I cried the day he came in and I want to cry just looking at him and how much he’s improved it just, he melts my heart,” stated Sabrina Wilcox, Executive Shelter Manager at Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association.

Source: Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association/Facebook

After posting images of the dog to Facebook, the rescue group never imagined the huge outpouring of love and support he would receive. The dog has since been named Perry.

Perry was diagnosed with two forms of Lyme disease and his fur was incredibly matted and stuck to his skin. As a result, he had issues walking.

Source: Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association/Facebook

Now the dog, estimated to be 11 or 12 years of age, isn’t slowing down. The woman currently fostering Perry or a physical therapist is considering adopting him.

Watch Perry after he was groomed and started receiving proper treatment in the video below. We wish you all the best, sweetie!

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Perry the Pyrenees

Update on Perry!We know that it is not ideal to shave a dog of this breed, but it was necessary, as his fur was so matted it was causing tension and irritation on the skin and he had developed a skin infection below the mats. Since his shaving, his skin has improved dramatically. As you can see in the video, Perry is walking on his own and only needs some assistance when standing. We are now currently accepting applications on Perry, but will require a foster period before any adoption. Anyone interested must be willing to continue to take him to his vet appointments and therapy if so required. We would prefer someone experienced with geriatric care of a large breed dog, who knows how to provide the most comfortable life for a senior fella like Perry. You can access our adoption application through the following link: http://wanderersrest.org/adoptables/adoption-application/

Posted by Wanderers' Rest Humane Association on Saturday, June 20, 2020

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