Trucker Sees Dumpster On Fire, Finds Charred Puppy At The Bottom

A trucker driving in Minnesota on a subzero night made a sickening discovery. A dumpster fire contained a small puppy at the bottom, whimpering and scared.

The trucker, Clayton, didn’t hesitate to grab the puppy from the fire, burning his hands. He rushed the puppy to a rescue center and Phoenix was immediately sent to emergency care.

This is what the puppy looked like just moments after being pulled from the dumpster fire.

Clayton Van Wert

After being rushed to emergency care, the vets shaved his fur to check out the damage to his skin.

Act V Rescue

The puppy had been doused in an accelerant, proving that the incident was intentional.

Act V Rescue

Phoenix was burned and abandoned but also starved. He weighed only half of what a dog his age should weigh.

Act V Rescue

The most severe burns were on his knees and paws. They had to give Phoenix pain medication and lots of bandages.

South Hyland Pet Hospital

The vets had trouble keeping some wounds closed, so Phoenix went into surgery for skin grafting.

Act V Rescue

After living his own personal nightmare, Phoenix could finally relax a little bit.

Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue

Phoenix looking a lot better here! The road to recovery would be a long one.

Act V Rescue

But Phoenix would receive the love and care to get him through it!

Act V Rescue

Hopefully they caught those responsible for this unthinkable act. But thankfully, Phoenix ended up in the right hands so that one day he could rise again!

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