Runaway Puppy Crashes A News Report On Live TV And Becomes The Star Of The Show

Reporter Bob Barnard was evaluating Leesburg’s freezing weather conditions during a live TV broadcast, but an unlikely little guest crashed his report!

Bob was scraping the ice off of random cars when a tiny puppy casually entered into the camera frame. The puppy was freely strolling on the road, so Bob picked her up to protect her from possible oncoming cars.

Source: FOX 5 Washington DC/YouTube

The curious puppy was thrilled to co-anchor the segment with Bob as the camera kept rolling! She was charmed to make a new friend on the street and her wee tail wagged away in utter excitement.

She could barely contain her happiness as she jumped about in Bob’s arms and loaded him with adorable kisses!

Source: FOX 5 Washington DC/YouTube

The fidgety puppy’s super low attention span sure made the newsman work extra hard to keep her secured! With such an endearing sight unfolding live, Bob’s colleagues back in the studio could no longer hold their composure. It was a rare lighthearted moment for the anchors as they collectively giggled away on camera!

Source: FOX 5 Washington DC/YouTube

Back on the streets, the puppy’s owner came running to Bob to retrieve her runaway furry troublemaker! The adventurous puppy, named Pierogi, was glad to be reunited with her owner after her rambunctious escapade.

But her heart-melting appearance on TV certainly made her the new local superstar! What a wholesome weather report!

Click the video below to watch Pierogi winning everyone’s heart by crashing the live news report!

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